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Organizer, CA99 Workshop (NSF funded), Santa Fe Institute, November 1998
External Faculty, Santa Fe Institute, 1997 -
Program Organizer, NSF Summer Intern Program in Probability, Madison, July-August 1996
Organizer, Ecomachines and Spatial Modeling in Ecology and Biology, Santa Fe, Jan. 1996
Organizer, IMS Workshop in Probability, Montreal, July 1995
Co-organizer, NSF Summer Intern Program in Probability, Madison, July-August 1994
Course Lecturer, 7th Complex Systems Summer School, Santa Fe, June 1994
Probability Programs Coordinator, IMS, 1993-
Organizer, CA Session, SIAM Simulation Meeting, San Francisco, August 1993
Organizer, Whither the CA Workshop, MSI, Ithaca, May 1992
Associate Editor of Statistical Science, 1992-1995
Associate Editor of Annals of Probability, 1991-1994
Associate Editor of Journal of Theoretical Probability, 1988-1992
Organizer, 18th Conference on Stoch. Proc. and Applns., Madison, June 1989
Chair, IMS Session on Computer Graphics in Probability, Madison, May 1988
Computer Art show, UW-La Crosse, February-March 1988
Poster demonstration, Cellular Automata '86, M.I.T., Cambridge, June 1986
National Science Foundation, 1977-
1. A mathematical model for first degree block and the Wenckebach phenomenon
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2. Computer solution of the discrete maximum entropy problem.
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3. The maximal oscillation problem for regenerative phenomena.
Ann. Probability 1 (1973), 405-416.
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5. Inequalities for oscillating p-functions. Bull. London Math. Soc. 6 (1974) 51-56. http://psoup.math.wisc.edu/archive/recipe53.html ../CA98/index.html http://www.santafe.edu/