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Vilas Associates Award, University of Wisconsin, 1999
Top Ten Personal Web Sites award from PC Magazine, 1997
Small Grant for Exploratory Research (SGER) award
from the National Science Foundation, 1994
Computational Mathematics Equipment award
(with R. Fisch and J. Gravner) from the National Science Foundation, 1993
Mathematical Sciences Research Equipment (SCREMS) award
(with J.T.Cox and R. Durrett) from the National Science Foundation, 1990
1988 EDUCOM/NCRIPTAL Award - Best Mathematics/Best Integrated Software:
Graphical Aids for Stochastic Processes (GASP) (with R. Fisch)
Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, 1982-1984
H. I. Romnes Faculty Fellowship, 1982-1987
Fullbright Graduate Fellow at Cambridge University, England, 1971-1972
Experimental Mathematics Conference, principal speaker, Miami University, October 1999
Erdõs Center Summer School on Random Walks, Budapest, July 1998
Interacting Particle Systems and their Applications (2 lectures), Haifa, Israel, June 1996
Midwest Probability Colloquium, Evanston, October 1995
Kemeny Lectures, Dartmouth College, April 1995
Spatial Stochastic Models in Biology, Colorado Springs, May 1994
Newton Institute Session on Probability and Phase Transitions, Cambridge, July 1993
IMS Special Invited Paper, Boston, August 1992
AAAS Frontiers of Science Lecture, Chicago, January 1992
Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center Workshop on Epidemiology, December 1991
CSC Workshop on Cellular Automata, Espoo, Finland, April 1991
Workshop on Cellular Automata, Guelph, Canada, March 1991
Second World Meeting of the Bernoulli Society, Uppsala, Sweden, August 1990
Computer Simulations, Statistical Methods and Applns., Portofino, Italy, May 1990
T.E. Harris Symposium, U.S.C., January 1989
17th Conference on Stoch. Proc. and Applns., Rome, June 1988
AMS Hour Talk, Lincoln, 1987
First World Meeting of the Bernoulli Society, Tashkent, USSR, September 1986 http://psoup.math.wisc.edu/archive/kemeny.html http://psoup.math.wisc.edu/gasp.html