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Welcome To The Kitchen Sink

A bouillabaisse of fave links for primordial cooking and stochastic karma

Mirek's Cellebration is a fantastic
32-bit CA program for Windows, far and away the best general-purpose engine on any platform. Get it from our US mirror, or from Mirek's site in Poland. Either way, a great CA resource!

Check out our aging, but still speedy WinCA, a Windows-based CA experimentation environment. See winca.txt for installation info.

Try Graphical Aids for Stochastic Processes, our EDUCOM award-winning interactive tutorial on stochastic processes. (DOS shareware in 6 modules)

Psoup ftp site (UW-Madison Math)
Download WinCA add-ons, Windows viewers, CA software, etc.

Excite ftp site (UW-Madison Math)
Try this mirror site if psoup is down for some reason ...

Bontes' Life32
A superb 32-bit Wintel engine for Conway's Life and other totalistic CA, with a rich set of interactive features.

Rudy's CA Software Collection
Rudy Rucker offers new Windows versions of his discrete and continuous CA simulation package CApow, the classic CELLAB (with John Walker), and his colorful A-Life playground Boppers. He has also posted the CELLAB manual, which includes a nice popular history of cellular automata since Ulam and von Neumann.

Craig Reynolds' pioneering page on virtual flocking and the like

Callahan's Life page
Links to the latest remarkable discoveries re Conway's Game

Cellular Automaton FAQ
A nice compilation, with an empirical slant, by Howard Gutowitz

Chance Database
Laurie Snell's quotidian probability project

Cornell Theory Center Movies
Interacting particle mpegs by Rick Durrett

Durrett's page
References to Interacting Particle Systems research, with an accent on biology

Home of the Evolving Cellular Automata Group at the Santa Fe Institute

Gumby page
Check out S3, an X-based CA/IPS simulator by Ted Cox and Rick Durrett

Hensel's Life
A Java implementation of Al Hensel's gold medal Life code -- HOT!

Interactions Cellulaires
A French/Swiss group models cellular biology using Poisson-Voronoi tiles

Kapral's page
Mpeg simulations of chemical/biochemical systems by Ray Kapral at U.Toronto

MIT Information Mechanics
The home page for Norm Margolus and his CAM8 group

MIT CAM8 applications
Images generated by the powerful mixmaster CAM8

MIT CAM8 home page
Technical Info and pictures of CAM8

MIT/SFI Artificial Life page
The best gateway to A-Life

NPR Science Friday Broadcast (11/3/95) on Complex Systems
A sometimes heated discussion of the Big Picture by Holland, Kauffman, ...
in Real Audio format.

Pagliarini's A-Life Games page
Links to A-life demos, games, and related information

Sprott's Fractal Gallery
Congrats to Clint Sprott, whose page was Cool Site of the Day, 10/20/95.

Tierra Page
Tom Ray's remarkable implementation of natural evolution in a digital medium

Visual Models of Morphogenesis
A splendid guided tour by Przemek Prusinkiewicz

Wolfram's Collected CA Papers
Empirical studies by one of the most influential CA pioneers

Webside CA
John Elliott's Java applet handles many simple two-state CA rules. Also, try
his remarkable CA-generated Music

Xtoys Gallery and Source
CA images + source by Mike Creutz for the X-win applets that generated them

An up-to-date cross-platform guide to A-Life and CA resources on the Web

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Introduction to the PSK PSK Search Recent Additions CA Archive CA Links Feedback Appreciated !