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  • February 28: The Enquiring Mind

    Our title is inspired by an unlikely article on recently departed UW-Madison colleague Jean-Marc Vanden-Broeck. Be sure not to miss this month's COMIC RELIEF.

    One of the betterr new CA resources on the Internet is a Cellular Automata Page by George Maydwell. He features a 32-bit Windows general-purpose simulator called SARCASim, a nice gallery of CA snapshots from dynamics on the hex lattice, and some additional pictures.

    The PSK has been chosen Web Pick of the Day by HMS Beagle, the online magazine of BioMedNet, an internet community of biological and medical researchers.

    Also, this week Joab Jackson extolls the virtues of our designs as desktop wallpaper in his Cyberpunk column from PitchWeekly, a Kansas City newspaper. We have archived his article here in the Kitchen.

  • January 31: Science Magazine NetWatch : Looks like we have a hit!

    The PSK has again been featured in Science Magazine, this time as the January 22 Cool Images selection, with a graphic from our downloadable 1999 Calendar. It seems a picture is worth a thousand words, or at least a thousand hits a day. The Chef has been madly scurrying around, trying to make the place look presentable.

  • December 31: HAPPY NEW YEAR !

    Over the holidays, for family and friends, I've produced a 1999 PSK Calendar, featuring some of my favorite cellular automaton creations from the past 12 years. The actual calendar is printed on an HP Deskjet 895Cxi, using glossy stock for the cover and back and premium quality inkjet paper for the 12 inner sheets. These 14 pages are enclosed in a transparent Avery vinyl envelope with a punched hole for hanging.

    Click on the cover thumbnail at the right for links to two versions: a smaller one for viewing online (about 100 K per month), and a larger one for printing the original full-page monthly calendars (about 300 K each).

  • November 30: Back from the land of sopapillas and honey ...

    After a thoroughly stimulating and productive workshop on Constructive Cellular Automata at the Santa Fe Institute, I've now revised the CA 98 pages as a fossil site. Newly added is a small Photo Gallery featuring some of the participants. Apologies to the many in attendance not shown in the album.

  • November 12: Low Boil

    The PSK has been on the back burner this month while we prepare for CA 98. But the Chef would like to mention a couple of items before heading off to Santa Fe. First, Andrew A. de Laix wrote to say that the journal Complex Systems, founded by Stephen Wolfram in 1987, has a new look and a new web site. Check it out.

    Also, David Molnar sent a hot tip for fans of contemporary artful noise and aural disorder. Seems that on Actual Sounds and Voices, the latest CD by Meat Beat Manifesto, the second track it entitled Prime Audio Soup. In appreciation, I've posted a 60-second mp3 snippet (Warning: 1MB), which you can listen to with the wonderful WinAmp. Just a snippet, mind you; we wouldn't want to serve up an industry-threatening digital copyright violation...

  • October 10: Life32

    Johan Bontes has just released the ultimate experimental environment for Conway's Life and other nearest neighbor totalistic rules: a 32-bit Wintel front end for Al Hensel's lightning-fast CA engine. Johan's freeware, coded in Delphi, boasts a rich feature set of interactive tools. Version 1.0 has been optimized for DirectDraw, and thoroughly tested. In the future, the latest version of this great new program will always be available from our Kitchen Sink.

  • September 25: CA 98

    We are pleased to announce a workshop, to be held November 14 -17, 1998 at the Santa Fe Institute, with additional funding from the National Science Foundation, entitled


    The meeting will focus on three active areas of contemporary CA research:

    Algorithmic Complexity of Elementary Cellular Automata
    Constructive Methods for Conway's Life
    CA Modeling in Physics, Biology, and Other Sciences

    For more information, The CA98 Home Page and Workshop Schedule.

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