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2. Postscript Files

These .zip files should be unzipped to read or print the specified articles using a viewer such as Ghostscript or Ghostview. The postscript versions are rather large, due to extensive use of graphics and figures. (See also 1. Laserjet Files.)

Cyclic Cellular Automata in Two Dimensions
(with R. Fisch and J. Gravner)
Spatial Stochastic Processes:
A festschrift in honor of the seventieth birthday of T.E. Harris
K.S. Alexander and J.C. Wadkins eds. Birkhäuser, Boston, 1991, 171-185.

Ergodic and topological properties of a very simple Excitable CA (736K)

Self-Organization of Random Cellular Automata: four snapshot
In Probability and Phase Transition, ed. G. Grimmett.
Kluwer, Dordrecht, 1994, 49-67.

Brief descriptions of four interacting systems with emergent spatial structure (600K)

First Passage Times for Discrete Threshold Growth Dynamics
(with J. Gravner)
Annals of Probability 24 (1996), 1752-1778.
The mathematics behind our recipes of July 24 and July 31, 1995 (195K)

Multitype Threshold Growth: Convergence to Voronoi Tessellations
(with J. Gravner)
Annals of Applied Probability 7 (1997), 615-647.
The mathematics behind our recipe of October 16, 1995 (371K)

Nucleation Parameters for Discrete Threshold Growth on Z2
(with J. Gravner)
Experimental Mathematics 6 (1997), 207-219.
The mathematics behind our recipes of March 20 and August 7, 1995 (443K)

Life without Death is P-complete
(with C. Moore)
Complex Systems 10 (1996, appeared 1998), 437-447.
One measure of LwoD's complexity (cf. February 13, April 24, 1995) (66K)

Scaling Laws for a Class of Critical Cellular Automaton Growth Rules
(with J. Gravner)
Proceedings of 1998 Erdös Center Workshop on Random Walks (1999), 167-188.
Power law first-passage asymptotics for some nucleating crystal dynamics (265K)

The Ergodic Theory of Traffic Jams
(with L. Gray)
J. Statistical Physics 105, nos.3/4 (2001), 415-454.
A simple probabilistic cellular automaton model for traffic flow
(1.66MB with extensive graphics)

A Two-dimensional Cellular Automaton Crystal with Irrational Density
(with D. Hickerson)
In New Constructions in Cellular Automata,
(eds. D. Griffeath, C. Moore), Oxford University Press, 2003, 79-91.

An elaborate Game of Life construction based on the Golden String (136K)

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