Research Papers for Download

1. Laserjet and Paperport Files

In .zip format; extract to create a directory containing readme.txt and the data files. Most papers are in the form of Laserjet printer output. Paperport files are electronic documents which require a free viewer, available for Wintel or Mac.

(See also 2. Postscript Files.)

Computer Recreations:
A cellular universe of debris, droplets, defects and demons

by A. K. Dewdney
Scientific American, August 1989, 102-105.
Popular science account of the Cyclic CA, a Paperport electronic document (423K)

Cyclic Random Competition: a case history in experimental mathematics
AMS Notices (1988) 1472-1480.
Describes the computer-aided discovery of the Cyclic Particle System (102K)

Threshold-Range Scaling of Excitable Cellular Automata
(with R. Fisch and J. Gravner)
Statistics and Computing 1 (1991) 23-39.
An excitable CA primer with lots of pictures, puzzles and references (507K)

Remarks on Randomness in Complex Systems
Statistical Science 7 #1 (1992) 104-108.
Connections between the theory of complex systems and probability (113K)

Asymptotic Behavior of Excitable Cellular Automata
(with R. Durrett)
Journal of Experimental Mathematics 2 (1993) 183-208.
Spiral formation and stability in CA Models for excitable media (447K)

Metastability in the Greenberg-Hastings Model
(with R. Fisch and J. Gravner)
Special Invited Paper Annals of Applied Probability 3 (1993) 935-967.
Analysis of nucleation and metastability in a planar excitable CA (445K)

Frank Spitzer's Pioneering Work on Interacting Particle Systems
Annals of Probability 2 (1993) 608-621.
Surveys Spitzer's fundamental contributions to the theory of particle systems (105K)

Threshold Growth Dynamics
(with J. Gravner)
Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 340, Number 2 (1993) 837-870.
Foundations of Threshold Growth theory in Euclidean space and on the lattice (186K)

Cellular Automaton Growth on Z² : Theorems, Examples, and Problems
(with J. Gravner)
Advances in Applied Mathematics. 21 (1998), 241-304.
Phenomenology of growth and asymptotic shape for 2d, two-state CA rules (1.5 M)

Reverse Shapes in First-Passage Percolation and Related Growth Models
(with J. Gravner)
Perplexing Problems in Probability, Birkhäuser, 1999, 121-142.
Holes in supercritical dynamics attain a characteristic shape as they shrink (466 K)

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