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Life32 by Johan Bontes

Conway's Game of Life freeware for Windows 95/98/NT

Life32 screenshot



  • 1 million x 1 million universe.
  • Fastest Windows Life player; user-definable speed.
  • Supports all popular Life file formats: Life 1.05/1.06, RLE, Xlife 2.0, dbLife.
  • Use of Microsoft DirectDraw to accelerate drawing, with seamless non-DirectDraw support (albeit that the latter is a lot slower). Variable rate frame dropping increases the speed further at the cost of smooth animation.
  • Take a "snapshot" and revert to it in one keystroke. Advanced snapshot list maintenance.
  • Skip to... option lets you skip to any generation fast. For skipping backward, Life32 skips forward from the preceding snapshot.
  • User-definable rules, using checkboxes, text (23/3, etc.), or a list of known interesting rules with descriptions.
  • Advanced editing features: cut and paste, drag and drop, etc. Cut and paste to and from text editors - good for e-mailing patterns.
  • Zoom from 10 pixels per cell down to 1/32 sub-pixel. Zoom cursor for selective zooming. Zoom to fit using 'z' key.
  • Scrollbars and keyboard shortcuts for moving around the universe easily; hand cursor for scrolling in all directions; Move to... window lets you jump to anywhere in the universe, or the edges of the pattern, or the center of the pattern.
  • Keeps track of pattern descriptions: shows them to you in the "Open" window before you open a pattern, allows you to change them in Settings or Save As, and view them with one click.
  • Extensive help.



    Here are some pattern collections for use with Life32:

  • Alan Hensel's LifeP.zip collection.
  • David Bell's huge dblifelib-2.tgz collection of patterns for various evolution rules.
  • Dieter Leithner's collection Guns.zip of the smallest glider guns with period > 1000.

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