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Kudos for the Kitchen

Linked by the New York Times, March 23, 1999

A write-up of evolving cellular automata in the (on-line) Science/Health section of the New York Times contained a link to the PSK, resulting in record traffic for the day, week and month. We have archived the article, which describes ongoing research of Jim Crutchfield and Melanie Mitchell at the Santa Fe Institute.

HMS Beagle Web Pick of the Day, February 8, 1999

Chosen by HMS Beagle, the online magazine of BioMedNet,
an internet community of biological and medical researchers.

Science Magazine NetWatchJanuary 22, 1999

Featured again in Science Magazine, this time as the
Cool Images selection, with a graphic from our 1999 PSK Calendar.

Platonic Realms Highest Recommendation August, 1998
from an unusually extensive Web resource for mathematics education.

School Science Review Cover June, 1998
Featured on the cover of School Science Review, a UK science journal for teachers in 11-19 education, and chosen by their Science Web Search.

WebWatch SelectionOctober 3, 1997
Chosen by Science Magazine as one of the week's
three "excellent scientific Web Sites," under the auspices of the

Scout Report SelectionJune 13, 1997
Chosen for the Research and Education section of Scout Report,
a weekly InterNIC subscription mailing list (plain text or html).

Dr. Matrix Award for ScienceApril 29, 1997
Chosen for the Weird Web World of Science,
a colorful popular science directory, in the Technology category

Exploratorium Cool SiteApril, 1997
One of ten sites chosen by the Exploratorium Learning Studio,
a premiere source for interactive popular science

Internet User's 10 Best Personal Web PagesFebruary 14, 1997
A web contest the Kitchen was proud to win. Thanks PC Magazine OnLine!

Isthmus Magazine "Taking in the Sites" SelectionJanuary 31, 1997
Thanks to David Medaris for the write-up in his You are Here column (Jan. 24)

Look Smart Editor's ChoiceJanuary, 1997
This Reader's Digest spinoff seems to think we're into Community Robotics.

Project Cool SitingAugust 13, 1996
Daily picks with an emphasis on design and innovation

NetGuide Live 4 Star Site
In Sceince & Nature / Math, where only a high school fractals page gets five stars...

Internet Underground 5 Star SiteJune, 1996
In the Amusements category, with the dubious distinction as 'first-rate eye candy' ...

Canadian Math Society Link of the BraidMay 5-11, 1996
The premiere collection of cool Mathematics resources on the Web

QDS Strange SiteJan. 9, 1996
In good company with the classic Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches

Cool Site of the DayJan. 31, 1995
Thanks to Glenn Davis, originator of the Site of the Day genre, for this early selection.

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