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The Primordial Soup Kitchen is a cutting-edge interactive multimedia Web site optimized for the latest Microsoft and Netscape browsers. According to Browser Watch, no other alternative commands more than a few % user share. Click either the E or N icon above to download a suitable version. Make sure the JIT Java option is installed and active for best results. Also, applets will run much faster if you use the latest Java Virtual Machine for your browser. An MS update for Internet Explorer 3 is available here. Netscape Communicator and the latest standalone Navigator have an improved Java machine, but our applets run fastest under Internet Explorer 4 or 5.

Most PSK pages have midi music accompaniment, which should be heard automatically using recent Netscape browsers if your hardware supports sound. For instance, right now you should be listening to a version of the X-files theme.

On Macs, for some reason the QuickTime plugin doesn't handle PSK midi files even though it does handle the mime type specified by them. Instead, configure your Mac Browser to use Crescendo. There are several mime types associated with midi files. PSK specifies audio/midi (not application/midi, audio/x-midi, ...), so simply make sure Crescendo is in the plugins folder and edit the audio/midi type on the Helpers tab to use that plugin.

If no sound is heard under IE3, we recommend obtaining the Netscape midi plugin files (npaudio.dll and npaudio.zip on Windows platforms) and copying them to the Internet Explorer plugins folder. That should remedy the problem. We are not aware of any sound configuration problems using IE4 or IE5.

PSK also makes use of Cascading Style Sheets, a recent browser enhancement. These were introduced in IE3, have since been implemented in Netscape Communicator and Navigator 4.x, and have a somewhat different feature set in IE4 and IE5. So the Kitchen may fall prey to style sheet wars until the situation stabilizes. Feedback about layout anomalies will be greatly appreciated.

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