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I surfed in looking for some cellular automata examples that are ecological
in nature that I could demonstrate for a class I teach at Berkeley.

Tom (Zack) Powell <zackp@socrates.berkeley.edu>
Berkeley, CA -
Just surfed in, searching on Chaos. Good luck with your analysis of the primordial soup! Thanks and all the best.

Philip Northover, Fractal Art
Yo D,
This is B in Japan...Yay!

Gangsta Loeb <BGL@dartmouth.edu>
Nihonmatsu, Japan -
One of the best CA resource I have ever seen. Thank you very much!

Lev Naumov <naumov@rain.ifmo.ru>
Russia -
I always thought the soup part of the menu was the most interesting. Your site certainly bolsters my belief: soup is dynamic, stodge free, makes neat patterns when spilled - a real appetizer for life.

Stu Ross <dr_debtuk@yahoo.co.uk>
Scotland -
Could we be related? I was born in California. My father was born in Auburn, IN. My grandfather was Washington Jefferson Griffeath. I know very little else about my ancestry. Sorry, I have no connection with mathematics. However, I would like to chat with you.

Karen Griffeath Jerome <kgjerome@aol.com>
Bangor, WI -
Nice Site!!!

S.R. Clarke
Fairfax, VA -
I think your site is really top shelf.

Peter McKnight <pussincat@msn.com>
St. Johns, Newfoundland -
I love this page.

Michael Loso <techman6633@earthlink.net>
Rutland, VT -
Need something good to eat.

Antoinette Hopper <a.hopper@verizon.net>
Madison, IN -
You are the best site I've even seen! More power and hope to see more of your applets!

Jojo Dar <jojodar2971@yahoo.com>
Manilla, Philippines -
Great site. Love the tranqil music.

Dog Man <mark.roach1@virgin.net>
Bradford, Yorkshire UK -
Thanks for all this cool stuff!

Ed <edgibbon@hotmail.com>
Washington, DC -
Its a cool web over here. Nice.

Elaine Parask <elainep@yahoo.com>
Edinburg, TX -
I like this site. Keep it up!

Leanne Collins <l.collins@btinternet.com>
Oakville, ON -
Great. Thanks!

Ilona <ilonas@home.com>
Buffalo, NY -
Neat. I like the site.

garry <dgarry@petro-neat.com>
Toronto, ON -
I like your site and look forward to some of the recipes I printed out. Thanks.

Beverley Le Blanc <beverleyleblanc1@yahoo.com>
Toronto, On -
Hi from Canada!

Mila Jackson <mila.max@sympatico.ca>
Toronto, ON -
Good web with cool info. Thanks.

Everd Linten <elin345@aol.com>
Henderson, KY -
Good job! Thanks!

Gary Shafer <jdb183@radar.com>
Naches, NY -
Great work.

mgr <dthworld@hotmail.com>
NJ -
Love this site!

tony <tonyfran@webtv.net>
San Clemente, CA USA -
Really liked your recipes.

Liked the site. Thanks!

Felicia Boutin <tex2309@cfl.rr.com>
Toronto, ON Canada -
Hi Prof. David Griffeath
I am a student in your Math 431. Just came to try your cooking. It is totally new for me.

Kiriya <jornson@yahoo.com>
Good site! Thanks!

Rosa Alex <rosa.alex@canada.com>
Good site.

Nicky O Donnell <nickaus1@yahoo.com>
Cork, Ireland -
I am dazzeled by this. As a new computer owner I am pleased to see this in the midst of the porno and gambling.

Scott Davis <dvshomerd@aol.com>
St. Paul, MN
Thanks for all the "Life" goodies. I'm hooked.

John Bubel <j.bubel@worldnet.att.net>
Really enjoyed the site. Thank You!

Rhonda Harris
Kansas City, MO USA -
Good webpage you have here.

27 IDX 106 - Odinn
Reykjavik, ICELAND -
Hi. Hot Here. How You?

Charles Isaacks <texchazz@yahoo.com>
Austin, Texas -
Many thanks for this fine site. Lots to learn here. I'll be back many times.

Joseph Breckenridge <svbreckenridge@mindspring.com>
Cumming, GA -
Great Site. Thanks for the information.

Kansas City Jane
Kansas City, MO -
great site!

Great Site!

rajini <rajini@tripod.de>
I love your site. We're in the process of building a science news site to go along with our weekly science radio show "This Week in Science" on 90.3 KDVS UC Davis, CA (http://www.kdvs.org). Hopefully it will be as informative as yours!

science news
Nice Site!

rave <raver@yahoo.com>
Great Site Guy!

progressive house <djhoj@onelist.com>
This is new to me. I'm just trying to figure out what you're all about!

Christine <chinquapin1@msn.com>
Franklin, NC -
Interesting Website!

cool java applets guy
CA -
Great Site!

I happened upon this site just checking out my own last name. Wow, I see there's a whole world out there I know nothing about. But just for the fun of it, or to give you math buffs something to smile about, my one "discovery" in math was made at the age of 14 when I noticed that if you add the first two odd numbers, you get 4, a square, then add the next odd number and you get the next square, add the next odd number and get the next square, etc. I have no idea what this fact is called, who discovered it first or if it has any useful application at all. It's very elementary, I'm sure, but... it's interesting, no?

Dennis W. Conway <den_con@one.net>
Cincinnati, OH USA -
Excellent !!!

sarah-Jane <dezgrant@aol.com>
sunderland, uk -
Enjoyed the visit ! Congratulations for the science and the art !
I will use the site to make memorable the primordial soup for my students
of evolution at Berzsenyi Collge (Szombathely) and University of Veszprém

SZABÓ T. Attila <szta@almos.vein.hu>
Veszprém, Hungary -
Wow. Love the site!

Milwaukee, WI -
Hey everybody, this is MY dad's website, and it is rule!!!

Peace Out,
homie B skillet funkie D rasta fara coin masta blasta bungalow G-Loeb

Brian Griffeath-Loeb <Brian.Griffeath-Loeb@Dartmouth.edu>
Hanover, NH US -
If you are pre Adamite, please send us the primordial globule to which
you claim ancestory. It might be difficult to get through the postal service.
You sound as if you might be a bit postal yourself. Cheers.

John Doe
Mill Valley, CA -
I'm very interested in CA. I'm doing my Masters thesis in a drought model,
so would really appreciate if you could help me with the rules, telling where to look.

Marisol de la Cuadra <marisol@puc.cl>
Santiago, Chile -
Alberto Torchinsky would be thrilled to see that his real analysis course
was not a waste. Regards.

Howard Hiller <howard.l.hiller@ssmb.com>
Westfield, NJ -
Enjoyed your site. There can never be to many recipes.

Gloria Lund <riteonglor@yahoo.com>
Sioux Falls, SD -
Now this is a pretty great site. This is what I like to see!

Mark Doring <benny116@yahoo.com>
Poughkeepsie, NY United States -
Cool place!

Mike Bsk Numero Uno First <mirkec@themail.com>
Zagreb, Zg Croatia -
Thanks for leading me into the wonderful world of Cellular Automata.
The information given whets one's appetite. Where do I find more?
Can cellular automata be used to construct a universal Turing machine?
I am working in CA optimization techniques. Well done Professor!

Vasantha David <vasanthadavid@yahoo.com>
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India -
This is a very nice place !

Protector 1uno <spavle@nightmail.com>
Gospic, Li Croatia -
Very interesting. I am working on CA modelling for cast metal simulation
(crystallisation combined with diffusion). I haven't (yet?) explored the
effects of different CA rules. I saw your paper on CA rules on Z^2.
Have you tried looking at 3-dimensional rules at all?

Robert Atwood <r.atwood@ic.ac.uk>
(PhD student , Imperial College dept of Materials)
London, UK -
I like the understandable applications.
Thank you.

Michael Scott <michaelscott35@hotmail.com>
Bordeaux, France -
Your site is like an "invitation au voyage." One doesn't need to be
a math specialist to enjoy it. You are also an artist and your domain
of research is in fact quite artistic. I'm really a fan, and you will probably
forgive me for borrowing two tunes - fatman and another - to paste them
in mine ("Qui suis-je" and "Vos commentaires.)"
Again, thanks for the free, quality stuff ... it's so rare!

François Terrin <fterrin@free.fr>
Aix en Provence, France -
This is the most beautiful place I've found in a long time.
Thanks a lot for doing such good work!
Keep moving. Thanks again,

Jorge Zulli <besonder@cantv.net>
Hey, I'm a student doing research in CA, and would like to compliment you
on your site. I've done most of my development work in perl,
but am porting to java for web purposes, and thought I'd look
who else has done this. Found your site. Once again,... very nice.

Daniel Winter < dkwinter@ssu037.ssu.edu>
Salisbury, MD -
I never noticed the eat before buried right in the middle of your name.
How perfect! Thanks for dinner and dessert.
Will have to try out some of the goodies here when my schedule slows down.

Terry <tcohn1@aol.com>
Madison, WI -
Ever try pizza a la mode? (Pistachio ice cream please.)

New York, NY -

When I was little I thought the world was this magical place of pattern
and form. Then I slowly realized I was wrong. It was all very mundane.
The natural world had nothing to do with the world of art...
But sites like this make me feel like I was right back then after all!
Your images and ideas are very inspiring. Thanks for sharing them!

Liane Gabora <lgabora@vub.ac.be>
Brussels, Belgium -
I am going to try the pea soup.

Gordon McCormick <gmccormick@nps.navy.mil>
Monterey, CA -
Heady Stuff.... I love Mirek's MCell. What A Genius!

William Thompson <WNT@MAIL.COM>
Deer Park, TX -
I like visiting this website to listen to the beautiful music.
I like visiting at this website to revel at the mathematical logic
that supports each beautiful picture. Then I feel as if I'm communicating
with other minds which are also drawn to the endless beauty of math.

Marian Drohan <mariandrohan@aol.com>
Springfield, VA -
This site is pleasently confusing. I like it a whole lot.
Keep it going. Thanks for your time. I will be returning soon.

Gordon Mooney <yenoom68@netscape.net>
Toronto, Canada -
You've created a great site.
The calendar is beauiful and the recipes are yummy.

Christine Huffaker <JerryH@mtaonline.net >
Anchorage, AK -

Don Coupe <coupe@bigfoot.com>
New Orleans, LA -
First time at this site.
Looking forward to exploring, and will let you know what I like!

Henya Bak <jpbak@axion.net>
Surrey, BC Canada -
I love your PSK Calendar.
Your site is fun to navigate and the CA rules produce beautiful pictures.
I have really enjoyed visiting every month.

Cherie Singer, Ph.D. <cas@med.unr.edu>
Reno, NV -
Yum Yum Yum ! Good Stuff !

Kevin Player <s006kjp@wright.edu>
Fairborn, OH -
I am very interested in your work.

Manuel Mateus Ventura <mventura@nutecnet.com.br>
Brasilia, DF Brazil -
Great idea!

Andy Detwiler <andy@ias.sdsmt.edu>
Rapid City, SD -
Thanks. I really enjoyed this quick visit and I think I'm going to be a regular.
Best Wishes.

Alan Terry <alanterry@terrya.freeserve.co.uk>
Worcester, UK -

Matt Elder <melder@intevac.com>
Santa Clara, CA -
Hello this is Amber. I wish you people would make it easier to find pictures of the human veins or at least 1 picture would be nice. Also animal veins would be alot better, because I'm learning about veins and I can't find any pictures about these veins! Thanks to all who made this web page.

Amber Starr Boisvert <jctjab@cptelco.net>
Mineville, NY -
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