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Guests of 1999

Cool Kitchen. Lots to learn.

Cassie Brown
Ft. McMurray, Alberta -
I enjoyed myself tremendously.

George M. Shuttic <gshuttic@mitre.org>
Eatontown, NJ -
Hello. Very nice site!

Mike Falandino <lifesurfer@home.com>
Riverview, MI -
This page is a feast for the sensibilities.
Congrats on not only pulling together some of the most visually striking
examples of CA experiments, but for providing explanatory info leading into
an understanding of these processes that doesn't assume at least an M.S.
in mathematics on the part of the viewer. Nor does your page condescend,
but seems well-geared to the attention of the reasonably interested
and not entirely innumerate (among whom I more or less number).
Thanks for a fruitful labor of love.

Sean <sean_h@hotmail.com>
Austin, TX -
Very interesting. I'll try to print one later.
Your site was picked up by Joab Jackson in the FOLIO WEEKLY
free shopper paper in Jacksonville.

Now, the idea. Why don't you try to get one of your designs
used as a postage stamp to honor some scientific organization?
Maybe to commemorate some mathematical theme, etc.
Or put four such designs on a block of four stamps.

Thanks for brightening everybody's day!

Doug Swisher <doug22@mediaone.net>
Jacksonville, FL -
Your site knocks me flat. I barely understand a word or an icon of it;
nevertheless, it's riveting. Thanks.

Karin <karin.bugge@latimes.com>
L.A., CA -
As a secondary school biology teacher searching for helpful and
interesting website, this was far and away the strangest one I found.
Not sure how I'll use it, but I'm sure I'll have some interested students.
You math guys are truly odd. Liked the graphics a lot, and the music
gave a great ambiance.

Sarah Leff <sfleff@snet.net>
Collinsville, CT USA -
Thought I smelled soup so I came on in. Nice page.
There's too much to see all in one trip. Gotta go now.
Still have to find the soup.

Lou P. Weaver -
Just stumbled across you. Hope to try some of your recipes.
Thanks for all your labors of love.

Brian Allen <brian0120@aol.com> -
We LOVE your Groovy wallpaper. (I have it on my PC.)
We're also HUGE fans of Carl de Boor. So next time you see him,
maybe you guys can talk about the GUIs he's doing for the spline toolbox.
Have a nice day!

Diana and Trudi from the MathWorks <ddemarco@mathworks.com>
Natick, MA -
Hi. While you guys create primordial soups, I like to analyze them.
I have finished a first cut, "classifying" TIERRA and MAC-TIERRA soups
using techniques from molecular biology/ protein sequencing.
I am now interested in pushing this further.

Daid B. Hull <dhull@admin.pom.devry.edu>
Claremont, CA -
Cool Site

James Richardson <jom03@aol.com>
Ft. Worth, TX -
Great place you got here... Love the music too.

Steve Cottrill <steve_cottrillyahoo.com>
QLD, Australia -
Hi, you mostly crazy-creative math prof of the world!
I've never seen such a breathtaking, exciting, humorous web site.
Waiter recommends: tRIBute as dessert!
I am a collaborator at the German Museum, Munich.

Dr. Andreas Korn-Mueller <andreas.korn.mueller@sz-online.de>
Dresden, Germany -
Found your site. Pretty neat!

Chris Thron <ra8593@email.sps.mot.com>
Austin, TX -
Looks good.

Paul Trinque <ptrinque@aol.com>
Woonsocket, RI -
I find your presentation so refreshing and stimulating.
I haven't finished exploring your pages, but have immensly enjoyed them
so far. I liked your family pictures, too. It's all very impressive and artful.
From science comes the very best art and intrigue. Thank you!!

Mary Margaret Jones <Sneehorse@AOL.com>
Clearwater, FL -
Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful work with us!

Fernando Montero <irenda58@hotmail.com>
San Francisco, CA -
Great site!
I am teaching complexity at the California Institute of Integral Studies.
I will use your site as part of my class.

Larry Edwards <ledwards@sasq.net>
Santa Cruz, CA -
Good Stuff - and informative. Makes me want to go to the Library
and start (over) studying a new discipline, now that I am "retired."

Bob Chapman <C4BA9BAH@aol.com>
Scottsdale, AZ -
Ah, electronic life...

Adrian Fields <thefields@juno.com>
Hood River, OR -
Great site ! I found you 3-14-99.

Peg <pvansant@hamilton.net>
Just found your site. What I've seen I like a lot.
Please Keep it up

Linda Law <LinLaw46@aol.com>
Powhatan , Va -
Neat site! Found about it from a local weekly "City Paper."
Work up more potential wallpaper images, please!

Gregory D. Stec <crayon@bcpl.net>
Lutherville, MD -
I check out all of the sites recommended by Discover and Science magazines.

Wayne Hoskins <whoskins@ix.netcom.com>
Grapevine, TX -
I enjoyed your Web site tremendously.....very creative!!!
Keep up the great work. I'll be back to check it out again.
Loved the postcards.

Stacey Guard <shguard@fhsc.com>
Richmond, VA -
I do plan to browse your recipes! They look great.
Am of German/Czech ancestry so I will probably czech out those first.
Have my own site - do visit.
Would you have an objection if I use one of your recipes
with a link to your site?

Herbert Senft <skyline@olympus.net>
Sequim, WA -
I saw mention of your site in 22 Jan 99 Science Magazine's
Netwatch section. It caught my eye because it reminded me of a book
I read called "At Home In the Universe," by Stuart Kaufman.
It looks like your work has something in common.

Dylan Doxey <dylan_@hotmail.com>
San Diego, CA -
Fun site.... The reference to celular automata caught my eye...
Had fun with Conway's Life game a number of years ago.
Would love to know more. Great music by the way.

Stan Bradeen <SMBradeen@stenford.com>
S. Burlington, VT -
This site seems to work well on an older Mac using Netscape.

Robert Meade <meade@ridgecrest.ca.us>
Ridgecrest, CA US -
It's one of the most creative sites !!

Forlerer <forlerer@cnea.gov.ar>
Buenos Aires, Argentina -
I really love your site and wish I had more time to
experiment with your software. I started in probability
theory (Ph.D. 1974, MIT) and then went off into
computational biology. I've done some reading on fractals,
but my last contact with cellular automata was at a
theoretical biology meeting in 1984 where Steve Wolfram
and another fellow from (at that time) Princeton's ASI
presented talks on CA.

Michael Zuker <zuker@snark.wustl.edu>
St. Louis, MO -

Jill Neimark
NY, NY -
Looking forward to finding out what's in the kitchen!

Stan Burket <sburket@pacbell.net>
Sacramento, CA -
This is an incredibly beautiful homepage.
Thank you for developing it for the rest of us!

Malcolm Turner <malcomlt@scientist.com>
Pelham, AL -
You might want to take a look at the
Heraclitean Biology Group web site
We are looking for new active (even aggressive) members.
I would also suggest that you check the following reference:

Atamas, S.P. Self-organization in computer simulated selective systems. Biosystems 1996; 39 (2): 143-51.

Your site looks great.

Sergei Atamas <satamas@umaryland.edu>
Baltimore, MD -
Just saw the description in the 1/22/99 issue of Science
and it sounded intriguing.

Michael Patrick <mpatrick@facstaff.wisc.edu>
Madison, WI -
Good pea soup !

Ron Arth <ronar@gateway.net>
When I grow up I wanna be like you.

Simon Faulkner (Age 32) <Simon@Titanic.co.uk>
Elkstone, England -
This is the first time all term I have actually visited your website.
It's pretty damn cool!

Morris Turek <meturek@students.wisc.edu>
Madison, WI -
I just heard Larry Gray talk about cellular automata, and he mentioned you,
so I thought I'd take a look at your page and maybe download WinCA.

David Cardon <cardon@math.byu.edu>
Provo, UT -
Wow! I was surfing the net looking at quilt sites and thought
I would check out what you have cooking. What a treat to see the photos.
You need to get a quilter to make one of your visions. Fantastic.
Hello to everyone. I'll have to come back later.

Lisa Reticker <lreticker@aol.com>
Rhinebeck, NY -
Yum!!! (What were those exotic spices?)

Liane Gabora <lgabora@vub.ac.be>
Brussels, Belgium -
Such a wonderful site. I'm pretty fuzzy about automata, but
they are too, aren't they? And those recipes, bookmarked for
many visits they are!

John Vassar <johnnyvassar@yahoo.com>
Richmond, VA -
This is a really cool place... I can see you have put a LOT of work here...
I'm lookin at the recipes and the backgrounds... wowo -
you thought of everything - Oh well, I enjoyed the time here...
Keep up the good work!

Lucy <lucychic@webtv.net>
Cleveland, OH -
I'm Indonesian. I'm very impressed that you have a 'batik.'
I'm a lecturer at the Dept. of Informatics, ITS, and have
written a book on Discrete Math, Graph Theory, and Automata.
Dave, this is one of the most amazing sites I've ever seen.

Victor Hariadi <victor@its-sby,edu>
Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia -
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