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Guests of 1998

This is a really fun site to visit. I'll come back and browse again.
Today I was surfing the net for a get well card that has a chicken soup theme.
Wish you had had one. Why so many pea soup recipes?

Anne Barasch <icono32@yahoo.com>
Austin, TX -
As a biologist I know of Cellular Automata.
Now, as a Quality Manager I am trying to introduce CA into business.
There must be a way to treat units as cells

Kees van der Zwan <C.W.Van.Der.Zwan@net.HCC.nl>
Zeist, The Netherlands -
I find amusing the behaviour of CA. I am a statistician and a
"crocheter" (my neologism for "someone interested in crochet").
I use CA for the same purposes you do; I use them as patterns
for my crochet knitting.

Of course I am interested in knowing more about CA since my
expertise in this field is very limited.

I would greatly appreciate references to some sort of
"CA for beginners" (CA-101?) (If they were on the Web that would be
the cherry on top of the ice cream!)

Carlos Mendoza <cmendoza@campus.mor.itesm.mx>
Cuernavaca, Mexico -
I like the graphics. Where did the music come from?

Yvette Murray
Bolivia, NC -
I am interested in artificial life and simulation, so your site
has been very helpful. Thank you. If I ever to make contributions
to this field, it will be with your help.

Guenter Ziebarth <Guenter.Ziebarth@munich.netsurf.de>
Munich, Germany -
This is a great site! The music adds a nice touch,
although I wish we could speed up the download time.
Otherwise, it's fascinating site!!

Slidell, LA -
I'm a Brazilian artist interested in GA. A friend gave me your URL.
Loved it. Keep in touch,

Anna Barros <annab@exatas.pucsp.br>
São Paulo, SP Brazil -
The best web site I've seen in years!
I'm seeking to educate myself in AL topics,
and this is the best site I've found yet.
From the music to the Java applets - all top notch. Thank you!

Chris Patterson <ubermuse@yahoo.com>
Farmington, UT -
An excellent clearing house for CA ideas.
An open problems section would be nice.

A great math site, without the regular high drama.
Keep it up!!

Russell Silverman <rsilverman@ssrm.com>
Thanks for the page via
a LIFE website I like very much. I've only just begun to browse yours!

Kyle Bradshaw <KJBrads511@aol.com>
San Diego, CA -
P-dog said I should go here. I'm looking for dohicky-bobs to make wallpaper.
I will find them as soon as I get off this sidetrack...

Museum <keidl@cae.wisc.edu>
Madison, WI -
Very interesting.

Bonnie <blam1000@aol.com>
Marion, OH -
Fabulous Site! Very interesting and original!

Vita Vock <00196462@bigred.unl.edu>
Lincoln, NE -
By far the most interesting and exciting site I've ever seen.
By far the most well-designed, executed and maintained.
I'm just a geophysicist, not a writer,
so these clumsy words will have to do.

Steve Sturdevant <ssturde650@aol.com>
Stafford, TX -
How are you, guy? Back in Newfoundland.

Joyce Turner <joyce.turner@ns.sympatico.ca>
St. John's, NS Canada -
I have been very interested in cellular automata,
self-organization and complexity.
I am a professor of biophysics (molecular)
at Brasilia University.

Manuel Mateus Ventura <mventura@nutecnet.com.br>
Brasilia, DF Brazil -
I found this site via Los Alamos. Very cool.
I'm currently interested in the formation of long-range
correlation (pattern) in 2-dimensional CAs.

Tomoaki Suzodo <suzudo@clsu3a0.tokai.jaeri.go.jp>
Tokai-mura, Japan -
Best cardsite ever... I'll be back!

Pamela Bagatti <pbagatti@pacbell.net>
Sacramento, CA -
As a Stuart Kauffman fan, and a student of
molecular evolution of protein structure and function,
I find your site invigorating!! This place rocks!

Peter Salamone <petes@mail.wsu.edu>
Pullman, WA -
Hello. Just saying you've got some NICE stuff.

Fulvio <itsigod@aol.com>
Ahwatukee, AZ -
You are a computer graphics artist as well as a mathematician/physicist?
20-year update: Am about to construct wooden boat, under pressure from
significant other who kayaks and wants someone with whom to enjoy rivers.

E.T. Cranch <aminer@sas.upenn.edu>
Philadelphia, PA -
I checked out the family pictures through your web site.
Pretty clever to put them in the house.

Robin Griffeath-Loeb <Robin.Griffeath-Loeb@Lawrence.edu>
Appleton, WI -
I really enjoyed the site and will return with my husband.
I know he has always been fascinated with Chaos theory, too.

Melissa Holley <jkholley@zoomnet.net>
Gallipolis, OH -
Nicely relaxing pages and music.
Now I'm hungry, so I'll go to my physical kitchen.

Mart van Ineveld <M.van.Ineveld@inter.nl.net>
Rotterdam, Netherlands -
It is really amazing how you have wrapped cellular information
in a more interesting way. It's a blessing for me to see the wonders
of these automata. Anyway these days I am still hooked in NDFA and DFA,
trying to figure out how discreteness can encompass phenomena.
Thank you.

Zeeshan Mahmood <zeeshanm@usa.net>
Karachi, sind Pakistan -
Wonderful. I'm so full in your kitchen.
Thanks for your nice site. I'm a student studing Int'l economics.
Reading 'Self-organizing economic data' by Paul R. Krugman,
economist at MIT, I've found your wonderful soup.
Thanks again and again. Very marvelous!

Song Byeong-Gwan <bhsohn@bh.kyungpook.ac.kr>
Tea-gue, Korea -

Stephen Craton <chef@netlane.com>
Bedford, IN -
What fun!! Thank you.

Harry Burns <burnsh@mail.firn.edu>
Ocala, FL -
Los felicito, la pagina esta muy bonita, me gusto mucho, pero solo que entre por equivocacion por que crei que iva a encontrar algo sobre como se creo la iglesia cristiana si saben algo sobre eso po favor escribanme un mail a xmatos@hotmail.com el tema es: Origen y evolucion de la iglesia cristiana, se lo agradecere

Ana <xmatos@hotmail.com>
Sto. Dgo., Rep. Dominicana -
Hi, David!

I don't know whether you remember me, but I used to work with Cathy at the State Bar. I'm attending school now at the University of Oklahoma. I was just poking around the UW-Madison's Math Department and found your name referenced on Carl de Boor's home page! If you want to know why a non-mathemetician (I'm a John Allen Paulos "innumerate") was surfing those pages, I can fill you in. For now, I'll see if my computer's up to the task of exploring your home page more thoroughly!

Chris Munger <cmunger@ou.edu>
Norman, Ok -
A very nice site.

Trina G. Briddle <Bookee@webtv.net>
Wendell, NC -
More Recipes!

Denise Miller <dlarr@jcpennery.com>
Lewisville, TX -
I found your site by searching with the keyword
"gingerbread cookies." Now my husband and daughter are
home making gingerbread cookies, and I am at work looking at
your fun page. I hope I go home to some good cookies.

Saskya van Nouhuys
Helsinki, Finland -
I am glad to meet your automata program.

Seung-Tai Park <stpark@moak.chonbuk.ac.kr>
Chonju, South Korea -
Hi!!! I like your recipes...
You have a great web page. I will be visiting again.

Dave A. Soukup <dsoukup@ibm.net>
Derry, PA -
I still find this site very interesting.

Chuck Vistart <chuck.v@usa.net>
Ofallon, IL -
I enjoy this site immensely. I used to play with CAs a bit when
I was in grad school and now consult for business to stay alive.
This site is really a treat!

Ivan Handler <ihandler@igc.apc.org>
Evanston, IL -
Your homepage is very interesting.

Gloria Leung <leung1x@server.uwindsor.ca>
Windsor, ON Canada -
Hey Dave,
I checked out your web page. It's pretty cool.

Robin Griffeath-Loeb <Robin.Griffeath-Loeb@Lawrence.edu>
Appleton, WI -
Great entry. I'll write more after I explore.

Carl S. Smith, M.D. <smithcs@msi.umn.edu>
Minneapolis, MN -
Outstanding! I only hope that some day my skills at Web design
will reflect what I learned here today. Very original.
Your awards are well deserved. Let me know if you want my
wife's secret meatloaf recipe; it's very unique and extremely tasty.

Craig Talley <ctalley@techheadnet.com>
South Eastern, WI -
I'm very impressed with all of the fine work you have done in CA !

Edward Shoup <pico@ix.netcom.com>
Reston, VA -
Thanks for the delightful experience and the peaceful music.
-Love and Peace-

Syd O'neil <sydtim@sccoast.net>
Myrtle Beach, SC -
Hooray. Thanks for the address. Now I can enjoy a visual feast.

Pat Rogers <StageladyR@AOL.com>
San Antonio, TX -
Great resource - thanks!

Pamela Surko <pts@tallis.saic.com>
San Diego, CA -
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