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Guests of 1997

Hi!!! I like your recipes...
You have a great web page. I will be visiting again.

Dave A. Soukup <dsoukup@ibm.net>
Derry, PA -
I still find this site very interesting.

Chuck Vistart <chuck.v@usa.net>
Ofallon, IL -
I enjoy this site immensely. I used to play with CAs a bit when
I was in grad school and now consult for business to stay alive.
This site is really a treat!

Ivan Handler <ihandler@igc.apc.org>
Evanston, IL -
Your homepage is very interesting.

Gloria Leung <leung1x@server.uwindsor.ca>
Windsor, ON Canada -
Hey Dave,
I checked out your web page. It's pretty cool.

Robin Griffeath-Loeb <Robin.Griffeath-Loeb@Lawrence.edu>
Appleton, WI -
Great entry. I'll write more after I explore.

Carl S. Smith, M.D. <smithcs@msi.umn.edu>
Minneapolis, MN -
Outstanding! I only hope that some day my skills at Web design
will reflect what I learned here today. Very original.
Your awards are well deserved. Let me know if you want my
wife's secret meatloaf recipe; it's very unique and extremely tasty.

Craig Talley <ctalley@techheadnet.com>
South Eastern, WI -
I'm very impressed with all of the fine work you have done in CA !

Edward Shoup <pico@ix.netcom.com>
Reston, VA -
Thanks for the delightful experience and the peaceful music.
-Love and Peace-

Syd O'neil <sydtim@sccoast.net>
Myrtle Beach, SC -
Hooray. Thanks for the address. Now I can enjoy a visual feast.

Pat Rogers <StageladyR@AOL.com>
San Antonio, TX -
Great resource - thanks!

Pamela Surko <pts@tallis.saic.com>
San Diego, CA -
whatever, whenever, whoever ...
... damned klinguini with clam sauce

Madison, WI -
Pretty neat, what else can I say ?
Found your kitchen goodies while looking
at Stu Hasting's page (knew him from Case).
I would like to download some of your
software to play with.

Alfred M. Barron <abarron@prius.jnj.com>
Metuchen, NJ -
Just browsing your kitchen ...

Yvonne <ynagel@cms.wisc.edu>
Madison, WI -
Came in looking for CA stuff. Stayed - completely fascinated by the music.
Great site.

Martin Thomas <grommit@cyberramp.net>
Richardson, TX -
Dear David,
Greetings from Poughkeepsie.
Brian of Tam High
(How's that for laconic? More later...)

Brian Mann <mann@vassar.edu>
Poughkeepsie, NY -
I'd gladly be barefoot and pregnant in your kitchen any day!
Wonderful! I'll stay tuned. Best regards, and thanks.

Jan Power <janpower@bellatlantic.net>
Davidsonville, MD -
I enjoyed your page.

David Paris <davidparis@veeder.com>
Simsbury, CT -
I love what you've done. The music, pictures and recipes.
Thanks for such a wonderful experience.

Stelle <ewinner@wgn.net>
Cornell, CA -
The Kitchen is cool. Thanks for the great links, too.

Peter Jakubowicz <pfj@brigadoon.com>
Very cool and interesting.
I will have to come back when you return from your vacation...

Lorene Anderson <lkander@aol.com>
CA -
Found your page listed in my husbnd's WI Alumni magazine
& was intrigued by the write-up, so checked you out. WOW!
I am a "math dyslexic/phobic" since 3rd grade & have always avoided
numbers like the plague. Somehow I managed to struggle through
remedial math courses as I got into college, then through college algebra
(2 tries, but I did it), and today (7/24/97) I just took my final exam
in behavioral statistics & measurements. Came home stressed out
on math anxiety & decided to do something fun. Headed straight for your page
and was once again absolutely blown away by how beautiful math can be.
I will never understand how it produces images like yours, but I certainly
appreciate them. And the real recipes are great, too.
Thanks for a lift I really needed today.

Kitty <kschuett@tfs.net>
Kansas City, MO -
Great site. I was very pleased to visit.
I am involved in the arts as a professional artist,
and in the science of geophysical explorations as a
navigator onboard a seismic acquisition vessel.

Jonathan Johansson McKay <picturecomposer@worldnet.att.net>
Smithtown, NY -

Dennis Beng Hui <coedtbh@coelan.dlsu.edu.ph>
Manila, Philippines -
This is really cool. I like the graphics and the theme.

Tom Farrell <sardon@aol.com>
Tacoma, WA -
Interesting page. I have added you to my favorites list. Thanks!!

George Robb <gmrobb@voicenet.com>
Roslyn, PA -
I absolutely love this site. Can't wait to show it to my friend. Thanks.

Lena Staton <lbd@hgea.org>
Kihei, HI -
Are you aware of, or have you ever attended, the Art and Math Conference
held in SUNY at Albany. It is relatively small, but very intense and interesting.
John Horton Conway was one of the presenters this year (on polyhedra).
(This was my first year attending.) Nat Friedman organizes it.
I bet he'd love to have you do a presentation!

Peace in Complexity,

Ken Stange <kens@faculty.unipissing.ca>
North Bay, Ontario Canada -
Hi...great stuff...like your 'kitchen'...
If you are interested in plants, check out the Interactive Brain Wave Analyzer...

Peter W. Schenk <peterws@aol.com>
New Fairfield, CT -
Thanks for the bread and butter pudding receipe;
looked great and selling well.
What have you got for pork? There is a specialty pork shop
in Tenterfield and not much else.
I would like to feature a pork burger on the menu of my coffee lounge.

Chris Cruise <cruise@halenet.com.au>
Tenterfield, NSW Australia -
This is great!
How do you incorporate this in a high school math (geometry) class?

Godwin Kotey <gkotey@worldnet.att.net>
Scotch Plains, NJ -
I am strictly an amateur at CA but find it fascinating!

Phillida Hutcheson <phillida@atl.mindspring.com>
Norcross, GA -
Wonderful site for a CA enthusiast.
I keep on coming back to see what's new.
In fact I thought I saw something new today, so I'd better go back ...

Mark Townsend <marktown@netspace.net.au>
Melbourne, VIC Australia -
I came, I saw, I danced in the gumbo....
Kether <obolos3@hotmail.com>
Olympia, WA -
Great looking site!

Beverly Allen <bevallen@bigfoot.com>
Montgomery, AL -
I was curious about the origin of the recipe Moros y Cristianos.
Is it Moorish or Spanish or, some say, Cuban? Which one?

Leslie <leslie@webzone.net>
Tulsa, OK -
Your site is excellent! I am doing a brief essay on cellular
automata and artworks for Uni. and have found your site most
helpful. Not only is it easy to navigate around the site, it
is also funny, attractive and informative. All the links I
went to work as well - a big bonus. One little whine, though:
I find the sound files annoying. Anyway, thank you very much.

Rebecca Nissen <r.nissen@student.qut.edu.au>
Brisbane, QLD Australia -
This is wonderful. Are there any high school teachers out
there who do a unit with this? If so, can we share ideas?

Tara Platten <tarap@olhs.cksd.wednet.edu>
Silverdale, WA -
Thanks for your excellent page and helpful sources.
Best regards,

Prof. Hossein Arsham <harsham@ubmail.ubalt.edu>
Baltimore, MD -
This is a very tranquil oasis on the Internet. Nice concept.
I found my way here off a link from Sprott's web page.

Carlton Smith <market@bellsouth.net>
Memphis, TN -
The sun god lights the way and warms the land.
The day creatures bask in the warmth to thrive.
The night moon gives to nocturnal eyes
a view un-like the day not seen.
Thus is the way of our world.

Norman Lefebvre <q-orbit@ms-group.com>
Beverly, MA -
I didn't expect to find real food, looking for math in all the right places!

Maylien <earl@community.net>
Vacaville, CA -
Not Always Obvious.

John Knadle <jknadle@pacbell.net>
San Diego, CA -
Cosmic awareness is one space all must find in order
to reach peace of mind from within.

Norman Lefebvre <q-orbit@ms-group.com>
Beverly, MA -
I like it a lot.

Joan Hudson
BC, Canada -
I like it!


Steve Puskar <spuskar@concentric.net>
Boardman, OH USA -
Chicken soup. Yummy.

Lisadelia <diri@earthlink.net>
Virginia, USA -
My girlfriend pointed me here.

Anton Wåhlander <redant@algonet.se>
Norrköping, Sweden -

Marc van den Boomen <mabo@iaehv.nl>
Deurne, Netherlands -
Greetings from Canada.
My robot and I were led here by the great list of guestbooks

My homepage contains no useful information but it contains a weird and wonderful links page.
Drop by and add a link!

Turkey Recipe by Geremy (Grade 1)

You buy the turkey and take the paper off. Then you put it in the
refrigerator and take it back out and cut it with a knife and make
sure all the wires are out and take out the neck and heart. Then you put it in a big pan and cook it for half an hour at 80 degrees. Then you invite people over and eat.

Yesterday upon the stairs, I saw a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today. I wish that man would go away!>

JMW <jmw@intranet.ca>
Ottawa, Ontario Canada -
I like your recipes and would like to offer a couple.

Elsa Altshool <efalt@totacc.com>
Las Cruces, NM -
Franz Maretta <maretta@jbk.se>
Degerfors, Sweden -
Jim Williams <jimw7125@aol.com>
Sherman Oaks, CA -
Good Show

Sara David <aras@wisenet.com>
Hollywood, FL -
Your site is amazing and unusually interesting. I'll need to
make more trips back here to discover all the goodies.
Thanks for your imagination and ingenuity!

Marilyn Sutton <suttonmk@aol.com>
Broadview Hts., OH -

Victor Polidoro <polidoro@students.uiuc.edu>
Urbana, IL -
My first time in, but I can already tell what a fun site
this is going to be. Without knowing what's in store,
great job, everyone!

Mark Newstrom <Boobird@aol.com>
Eagan, MN -
A site well worth a visit! I would have appreciated seeing some
1024x768 images, but realize it's a tradeoff.

Leo <CHESSCANOE@aol.com>
You have done a good job. I'm trying to get some ideas for my own.
I'm really new at this.

E. Schubert <goshencity@jerseycape.com>
Goshen, NJ -


EX.-Chef Norman Lefebvre <q-orbit@seacoast.com>
Beverly, MA -
Wonderful artwork and nice postcard idea.
Can't wait to try the recipes.

Ann Minner <minner@gslis.utexas.edu>
Austin, TX -
I opted to take a course designed for the less than mathematically
inclined to fulfill my requirements. While researching Pascal's triangle,
I stumbled upon your page and found it very cool. Math can create so many things that I never even imagined!

Amanda Schafer <aschafer@ycp.edu>
York, PA -

Nathan Murphy <npmurphy@sound.net>
Kearney, MO -
Some incredible graphics! Not that I understand much of what
you are doing here. The music is a really nice touch.
Came here from the PC Computing Best Web Sites link.
I'll be back. Thanks.

Porter C. Layne <playne@fuse.net>
Cincinnati, OH -
I need to be a Java juggernaut. Will return when educated.
Enjoyed the cellular evolutions.

Tina Rauh -
I really enjoyed your page and wish I had the patience
to learn to create beautiful images such as these.

Ed <paco@earthling.net>
Salt Lake City, UT -
Congratulations on making the top 10!

Richard Brualdi <brualdi@math.wisc.edu>
Madison, WI -
E = cmc

Andrew R. Coles <arcoles@msn.com>
Richardson, TX -
Neat page.

Maria Brickl <mkdesign@execpc.com>
Middleton, WI -
I read about your site in Isthmus, and to my surprise, found that my boyfriend, James Lesko, a CS major, already had your site listed in the bookmarks on my computer. So I decided to stop by. It's cool. Thanks a lot. See ya.

Jennifer Mitchell <mitchel8@students.wisc.edu>
Madison, WI -
Love the music. Very calming.

Lorrie Griffin <rlgriff@sprintmail.com>
Albuquerque, NM -
Very nice work David! I remember seeing pictures that you
developed(?) on the walls of your lovely abode years ago.

Betsy Lawrence <lawree@mail.state.wi.us>
Madison, WI -
I am visiting your site on a tip from a guy at work.
I'll be back.

Anthony Cherro <doughboy@ix.netcom.com>
Clinton Twp., MI -
Love the art work

John Pettitt <jpettitt@netci.com>
New Westminster, BC Canada -
This is GREAT PLACE !!

Pavle Spoljaric <Pavle.Spoljaric@hina.hr >
Zagreb, Zg CROATIA -
Hi David (& Cathy!)
Found your Kitchen Sink website through HOTBOT.
Just thought I would look at the color of your house...
looks sophisticated to me.
Don't worry about the neighbors' reaction!
Someone has to be the Trend Setter!
Hope you are well...best to all of you.

Karen Pollach <karenp@nethost.multnomah.lib.or.us>
Portland, OR -
Nice to see our whole block on the Internet! What do your pictures
have to do with kitchens?

Ellie Reynolds <reynolds@aae.wisc.edu>
Madison, WI -
Marta and I found your page. Deep. Well designed.
Lotsa variety. Lotsa personality. Great drawing of your house.
We would like to meet you in New Mexico in March.
Are you interested in that? I'll check in from time to time.


Mark Fuerst, Lisa Reticker, and Marta <FuerstMC@aol.com>
Philadelphia, PA -
I had some oysters left over from a gumbo,
so needed a recipe for "Hangtown Fry."
You came through! Having lived in Grass Valley
CA, I appreciate your historical perspective.
Bon Appetit!

Brendan McLaughlin <mcbrendan@earthlink.net>
Tampa FL -
Take me higher...
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