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Guests of 1996


It's way past midnight and I was talking to a friend about
Brian Eno. So I got home and started a search on HotBot.
After following some 'hits' from HB, I came across this page,
and man it sure is interesting. I haven't seen all, but am 100% sure
to return soon!!

Merry Christmas!

Job Twisk <Job@album.nest.nl>
Utrecht, Netherlands -
Very nice site, Java examples are a nice alternative to downloading and configuring programs to demonstrate the CAs.

Deano Montreuil <dmontreu@cfs.capital.ge.com>
Mason, OH -
'Tis the season to send postcards...a nice peaceful blue-
purple-green color scheme for solstice celebrators perhaps.

What could be more appropriate for the kitchen than "Season's

Wild Rice Dressing looks yumboni.

Ann Maria Bell <bellam@ctrvax.vanderbilt.edu>
Nashville, TN -
Well, just thought I'd leave a note...
I'm Andrei Toom's son... ' don't think we ever met.

Just browsing the web, and came across ur kitchen;
smells good... ;)

Have a good one... or two... or three ;)

onTonca von Schloss [anTon Toom] <onTonca@Texas.neT>
San onToncio ;) TX -
I think web pages combining cutting edge graphics and
electronic music are exciting. Hope to see graphics move
with music sometime soon.

Larry Pierce <gracias@nwlink .com>
Seattle, WWwa -
Swell !

Jorge Stolfi <stolfi@dcc.unicamp.br>
Campinas, SP Brazil -
Don't squeeze the Charmin

Kirk Johnson <kmj@info1.mr.net>
Minneapolis, MN -
Would like to find some good simple cheesecake recipes

Deborah L. Duncan
Louisville, KY -
Two thumbs up. A riveting site.

Kim <berlink@sharpsec.com>
NJ -
Thank you so much!!!
Sitting in the computer lab during my math course was the last place that I thought I'd find something to serve at the dinner I'm hosting this weekend. The Garlic Soup looks great and I love garlic!!!
Thanks again...I'll try to dig up some of my favorites for you...

Daniel Preister <preister_sprague@msn.com>
Atlanta, GA -
Great site!
Info on the web tends to be either shallow, commercial and professionally done or visually boring and hard to understand for the non-professional. This site has the best of both worlds!

Andreas Ehrencrona <d95-aeh@nada.kth.se>
Stockholm, Sweden -
Beautiful Site! And even the HTML code is nicely laid out.
Nice work from all concerned. Thanks.

Barrie Stokes <uleas@cc.newcastle.edu.au>
Neewcastle, NSW Australia -

Bruce Christenson <brucec@cs.wisc.edu>
Madison, WI USA -
Very interesting !

Chuck Vistart <wingit@apci.net>
O'Fallon, IL USA -
Very eclectic and visually interesting...

Wicca <wiccaf@mindspring.com>
Durham, NC -
I really haven't got to see much of this section as this is
new to me. I would like to start sending these to a friend
of mine in North Dakota as we like to exchange recipes. I
think this will be really fun.

Linda Barnes <mbarnes@feist.com>
Derby, KS -

Tullio Chersi <tchersi@desysoft.it>
Milano, Italy -
Very impressive site, Dave. Bravo!

Debbie Aks <Aksd@uwwvax.uww.edu>
Monona, WI -
Hi David! I was just browsing your Kitchen with a grad
student, and we were enjoying ourselves and the page.

One suggestion: Why not have references to some published
probability papers of yours? For example, that would be
of help to the student.

Best regards,

Jeffrey Rosenthal <jeff@utstat.toronto.edu>
Toronto, Canada -
An 'almost periodic' recipe:
movie from the Life CA with almost periodic
initial conditions. For details on the recipe, see
A.Hof and O. Knill, 'CA with almost periodic initial
conditions', Nonlinearity, 8: 477-491, 1995.

Oliver Knill <knill@math.arizona.edu>
Tucson, AZ -
People who enjoy the pictures in the Kitchen might also
enjoy looking at some mathematical pictures I've created.
I play with quasi-crystals, cellular automata, other sorts
of fun things. Although I don't add a new picture each
week! Nor do I explain things as fully as David does.
Keep up the good work.

Eric Weeks <weeks@chaos.ph.utexas.edu>
Austin, TX -
Was wandering through the web looking to send a friend a
postcard & found your site. I think it's great & fun, but
then, I am partial to midwesterners since I'm from Minnesota
& my daughter lives in Madison. Let me know when you add
more "real" recipes.

Heidi Anderson <heidi125@snet.net>
Old Saybrook, CT -
Great images, cool cards . . .what's up for Thanksgiving??

Cynthia <cfitzpa@sfusd.k12.ca.us>
San Francisco, CA SF -
Recipe for Poppycock

8 cups lightly salted popcorn
1 1/3 cups sugar
1 cup margarine or butter
2 cups almonds and pecans
1/2 cup light Karo syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla
Combine sugar, margarine or butter,vanilla and syrup in a saucepan. Cook over medium heat until caramel brown color. ( About 10 minutes after it comes to a boil) While hot pour over popcorn and nuts - then mix gently. Spread in clusters on a greased cookie sheet to cool.

P. Wassenberg <paulaw@concentric.net>
Culver City, CA -
Nice seeing you again - on screen...

Gadi Moran <gadi@mathcs2.haifa.ac.il>
Haifa, Israel -
I came across your address while doing a word search on
the Internet.

I saw where you referred to a Gause, that had proposed
something some 60 years ago. Could you tell me if you are
referring to the 'Gause effect' on cathode tubes, or were
you referring to something else. If so, what was it, and
do you know more about the person who proposed it?

My e-mail address is: natalieg@jttechres.net

Thanks for any help,
Leonard R. Gause

Leonard R. Gause <natalieg@jttechres.net>
Sulphur, La Calcasieu -
Needs more basil. :)

Laura Lee <lauralee@izzy.net>
Rochester, MI -
Excellent site!

Justin P. Jons <mvhn45a@prodigy.com>
Olympia, WA -
Thank you. Yours is the BEST personal site I have had the pleasure of visiting.

Dwight Royer <dwight@ccrtc.com>
Bowling Green, IN -
Your site helped me to survive my latest catastrophic bifurcation! Thanks!

Tom Lane <thlane@earthlink.com>
LA, CA -
Excellent site, David. Congratulations!

It got me so excited about playing with CA that I have
hardly slept in three days. But I have a couple of nice
examples to show for it (one of which I've had in the back
of my mind for a decade)... check out my page, under the
heading k3wL siTeZ. I'd really like to see what happens
for these rules with a finer gradation of states on a bigger
machine... if you're ever casting about for new recipes
then let me know and we can see what happens!

Thanks again for an excellent site!

David Wagner <dgwagner@math.uwaterloo.ca>
Waterloo, Ont Canada -
Great site! I like the animated GIF. Navigating through
this site is easy because it has a great user interface.

Larry Lin <larrylin@hooked.net>
Cupertino, CA -
Hi David, I am typing this from the Kitsap County Public Library. They are set up on the net with ftp access and email access disabled, but otherwise you can roam the net (in text mode only). Far out!

Ted Cox
Kitsap County, WA -
Hello, this is very interesting.

Paul Wood <pawood@rubens.unimelb.edu.au>
Middle Park, Victoria Australia -
Cool pages (& music!). I wrote a LIFE game for a PDP-11 (DOS Fortran) in 1975 and have been intrigued ever since.

Steve Parvis <parvis@iquest.net>
Noblesville, IN -
Mathematics is beautiful!

Matti Tiainen <matti.tiainen@tele.telebox.fi>
Helsinki, Finland -
Great Page. I like the new postcard feature.
Who are these AWD people who programmed it?

dave <dkung@math.wisc.edu>
Madison, WI -
Just as the strength of the Internet is chaos,
so the strength of our liberty depends upon the chaos
and cacophony of the unfettered speech the
First Amendment protects.

Sloviter, Buckwalter and Dalzell
Philadelphia, PA -
I don't know much about mathematically generated art but
I know what I like! Good stuff, I'll be back.

Geoffrey A. Dautrich <panda@postoffice.ptd.net>
Nescopeck, PA -
I think you should add recipes for
appropriate dishes and/or wine selections
to complement this week's CA entree.
I often find that Bulgarian red table wine
is an excellent accompaniment to waffles.

P.S. Are all those guestbook entries for real?

Ann Bell <bellam@ctrvax.vanderbilt.edu>
NashVegas, TN -
How in the blazes do you get that high quality music coming
out of my speaker, so quickly?

That is very clever.

Rex Boggs <rex@cq-pan.cqu.edu.au>
Rockhampton, QLD Australia -
An interesting page. I am adding a small page on cellular
automata to my home page, and think I will be including a
link to your Primordial Soup Kitchen. I've long been fascinated
with Conway's Life, but have not spent nearly enough time
exploring general cases. Hope to visit again soon, once
construction is complete.

Chris Shaw <cshaw@visionol.net>
Toronto, ON Canada -
You're so
intel - intel - intel -

P. Pig
Hollywood, CA -
We don't use the word 'computer,'
we use the word 'multimedia CD-ROM stuff.'

Timothy Leary <tim@leary.com>
Cambridge, MA -
Stewart Alsop, a columnist at Inforworld Magazine, said he
believed it was possible to be too wired.

'People in Silicon Valley in particular have become so immersed
in technology that it becomes an invisible part of their lives,'
he said. 'So doing things that other people would consider
out-of-bounds is considered normal.'

In a telephone interview as he drove in Boston, Alsop
acknowledged that it was hard to stay in his lane while
looking up a phone number in a database program.

'It's fortunate that I live in California, where they have those
little bumps that serve as highway markers and keep you
in your lane,' he said.

John Markoff <MarkoffNYT@aol.com>
NewYork, NY -
'According to your occupational preference test, you like
to remove vital organs from helpless people. That narrows
the career choices to doctor or serial killer. Do you get
along with other people?'

'Other people are insignificant insects.'

'We'll have to go to a tie-breaker question.'

Scott Adams <scottadams@aol.com>
Catskills, NY -
I discovered that Web Translator garbled the simplest
things. In The Wall Street Journal's Web site, even
Wednesday's date - May 1, 1996 - was mistranslated as
"Peut 1, 1996" ...

Walter S. Mossberg <waltwsj@aol.com>
New York, NY -
Then the shutter falls
You see it all in "Three-D."
It's your fav'rite foreign movie.

D & W <steelydan@pathfinder.com>
Annandale, NY -

Barry White
Galveston, TX -
OK, so here's my elaboration on an old chestnut:

I before E, except after C,
or when sounded like A
as in neighbor and weigh,
or when the word is either
weird, or foreign, or neither.

David <griffeat@math.wisc.edu>
Madison, WI -
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