Five periodic seeds not detailed in the article (cf. Table 4), for use with Mcell (mcl) or Golly (rle)


Seed M1:   mcl  rle                          Seed M2:   mcl  rle

Periodic seeds of length 159 and 245, respectively, for the two

remaining (non-robust) links with π=32, as identified by the M-algorithm


Seed S1:               (simple)   mcl                   (periodic)   mcl    rle

Seed S3:               (simple)   mcl                   (periodic)   mcl    rle

Seed S4:               (simple)   mcl                   (periodic)   mcl    rle

Here the simple experiments start from seeds with 22, 18, and 17 1's, respectively, found by the S-algorithm.

These  generate  robust links that yield periodic seeds with π=64. In each case, the corresponding periodic 

seed is obtained by extracting a suitable initial segment from the limit configuration, in the same manner as

for Example 1e-f. These MCell experiments for both the simple and periodic seeds depict left edge dynamics.


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