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Recipe for the week of October 7 - 13

Recent Additions to the Kitchen

Over the few weeks we've been doing quite a bit of Kitchen remodeling, so it's seems time again to call your attention to the new features:

In a recent addition to the Kitchen Sink, Jörg Heitkötter provides a very nice up-to-date cross-platform guide to A-Life and CA resources on the Web, specializing in downloadable software. This week's soup is a still frame from one of the programs featured there: Primoridal Life by Jason Spofford, a combination Windows program/screensaver in which hordes or whirling gizmos compete for world domination. The evolution is fun to watch, albeit inscrutable. The graphics are not quite of Mario 64 caliber, but there are cool sounds along with the carnage that remind me of Mortal Kombat. Zooland has well over one hundred other links along with an introductory manifesto by Chris Langton.

Also new to the Sink is a link to a downloadable copy of Graphical Aids for Stochastic Processes, our EDUCOM award-winning interactive tutorial on stochastic processes. This DOS software in 6 modules, which I wrote with Bob Fisch in the late '80s, is out-of-print from the original publishers. We have been distributing it as shareware for the past couple of years. The program runs well under Windows 3.x/95, and features amusing cartoon-style simulations and interactive games to illustrate the basic theory of random dynamics.

The Chef's Vita
In response to several requests I have added a hypertext Curriculum Vitae with my academic profile, publication list, and links to downloadable versions of several of my papers on cellular automata. Included are some relatively accessible survey papers as well as more recent research publications.

And finally, on the gastronomic side,
Real Recipes
The Chef's palliative to all those folks who drop by looking for minestrone, borscht, miso, vichyssoise, gazpacho, etc. now features a dozen entries. There's even a carrot soup! More favorites will follow...

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