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Recipe for the week of July 29 - Aug. 4

Recent Additions to the Sink

We'd like to call your attention to some of the newer items in the Kitchen Sink which have not been announced previously:

This week's soup (233K) is a sample image produced by the latest version of Rudy Rucker's Windows-based 1d discrete and continuous CA simulation package. Consult the Capow Home Page for info on how to get and install your own copy, and for additional snapshots. Also, Rudy's Home Page has info about his amazing career trajectory as gnarl seeker and science fiction writer.

Pagliarini's A-Life Games page
These days some of the most innovative computer experiments related to cellular automata make use of evolutionary games, genetic algorithms, and the like. Here is an excellent resource for demos, modeling software, and theoretical discussion in this active area of complex systems research.

Tierra Page
Tom Ray's remarkable implementation of natural evolution in a digital medium has been featured in the Sink almost since the beginning. But now he has set his self-reproducing virtual programs loose on the World Wide Web, with a Continuing Report on the consequences

Hensel's Life
Al Hensel is undisputed king of Making Conway's Life Run Fast, having won the contests with this objective for more than a decade. He is also the discoverer of many of Life's most exotic and incredible creations. Now he has provided a HOT Java implementation of his gold medal code. [Technical note - at present you will need to run either a recent version of Netscape, or the latest Internet Explorer beta with JIT turned off, for Al's critters to cook.]

... and, for comic relief, a link that will definitely NOT be added to the Sink:


"stultifyingly like yours, except for the math part :) ," in the words of the perpetrator. We are contemplating legal action. Accept no substitutes!

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