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Recipe for the week of July 8 - 14

Lattice Lettuce

Summer is salad time Here's a nice bowl of greens based on another recipe from Kellie Evans' Larger than Life investigations. The rule is range 2 Box with birth and survival windows [9,16] and [9,20], respectively. In this case, starting from a 50-50 mix of occupied and vacant states, the system first self-organizes into gurp, but then small patches of horizontal and vertical stripes begin to nucleate, very slowly displacing the gurp until a tasty salad (227K) is achieved.

We have selected a cyclic palette of 200 shades of green for the level set representation of these dynamics after several thousand updates, about half way towards a final state. The bright lattice lettuce of fixed patches appears on a periodic background of gurp in darker shades of green. Close inspection reveals horizontal and vertical stripes of the darkest shade (0's) within the salad, defining the orientations of its two phases. The variegated vegetative effect is a consequence of two factors: a very slight competitive advantage for the lettuce over the gurp, and the rather large correlation length of the gurp which gives rise to dramatic fluctuations in the ability of the lettuce to manifest its advantage. The result is a crisp, succulent, refreshing texture. And so good for you!

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