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Recipe for the week of May 6 - 12

Larger than Life Nucleating Pretzels

As advertised last week, here is the next in a series of snapshots of self-organization at different locations in the Larger than Life (LtL) phase space. This week's soup depicts the range 12 Box rule with birth interval [200,300] and survival interval [75,275], after about 40 updates started from a 50-50 random mix of live and dead cells. The palette paints dead cells gray-blue, while recording the time of the last birth at each live cell with a different color.

In this rather substantial self-organizing regime, most of the lattice is vacated after the first update, but isolated clouds of occupied sites remain. Some of these clouds lack the necessary ingredients for self-organization and so remain fixed; such speckled patches are seen in light blue. (Just which magic ingredients are needed for further development remain a mystery.) But a few clouds begin to consolidate at the second iteration and 'holes' are created. Iteration 3 leads to more occupied rings, some fairly symmetric, others off-center. After that, the symmetric forms tend to either die or make stable rings that cannot grow. A few such rings can be seen in shades of violet and dark gray. But the asymmetric loops form expanding pretzels with more and more cavities as time goes on. Eventually the nucleating pretzels interact to incorporate the remaining isolated shapes, and a complex pseduo-random equilibrium is attained. By this we mean that no local periodicity is observed over protracted periods of time, while aggregate statistics of the steady-state 'seething gurp' are well-described by a space- and time- stationary stochastic process.

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