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Announcing WinCA Beta Release #3

We are happy to announce that the third beta version of WinCA, our Windows-based interactive platform for cellular automaton experimentation, is available for downloading. Those interested should get two files: winca.txt and winca_b3.exe from the first link in the Kitchen Sink, or by anonymous ftp to psoup.math.wisc.edu or excite.math.wisc.edu. The file winca.txt contains basic info about system requirements and installation. Program documentation, together with information about the current state of the beta, future plans and CA resources, appears in the WinCA help file (winca.hlp).

This week's recipe thumbnail is the WinCA splash screen, and this week's soup shows the program at startup. A Digital Boiling demo experiment (boil.xpt) is displayed. Features evident include a Parameter Panel, Button Bar, Control Panel and Status Bar. The button-based interface permits easy and efficient 256-color dynamic visualization of almost all of the cellular automaton rules that are featured here in the Kitchen. Thirty demos and companion Notes files that are included with beta #3 provide a tutorial in basic WinCA techniques and illustrate many new features since the last release.

We are eager for feedback concerning the WinCA front end in this third version of the program. Those who report back with bugs and suggestions will be highest on our list for future updates that support and document user-defined rule development. Feel free to pass along the software to anyone you feel might be willing to participate in the beta testing. The Cook's page of this Kitchen provides a convenient e-mail link.

Bob Fisch and David Griffeath
September 1995

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