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Recipe for the week of September 4 - 10

Three Party Majority Vote

We're busy putting the final touches on WinCA beta #3, which should be available in the Kitchen next week. Meanwhile here is an interesting experiment, suggested by Janko Gravner, that uses one of several new rule libraries in the latest version.

Consider a hybrid of two-color Majority Vote and multicolor Plurality Vote, both of which have been presented here before. In this instance, there are three political parties: Blue = Democrat, Red = Republican, and now lily White = Perot (say). Voters poll their Mr. Rodgers' neighborhood and change affiliation to agree with that of an absolute majority there. If none of the parties commands such a majority, then voters retain their previous allegiance.

This week's soup shows the result of such a system, with range 3 Box neighborhood, started from a uniform random configuration of the patriotic colors. Actually, to get the soup cooking one must run a few iterations of range 1 Box Plurality Vote, then a few iterations of range 2 Box Majority Vote, before switching to range 3. Imagine extending networks of political awareness as the process evolves; WinCA makes it easy to 'anneal' parameters in this manner. But observe the persistent heterogeneous pockets amidst the clustering. We have used free boundary conditions for the soup, which explains the prevalance of mixed populations around the edges.

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