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A 3D Reversible Cellular Automaton

Norm Margolus, the creator of CAM8, was in town last week helping us tame the beast. This week's soup is one of his recent favorites, a three- dimensional version of the reversible Fredkin rule that we a featured June 19 - 25. The array size of 256 by 256 by 256 indicates the power of CAM8 to carry out simulations beyond the scope of conventional hardware.

We started the 3D four-color revor rule from a 17 by 17 by 17 central block of one of the colors. Our graphic depicts two slices at an early time on top, and two corresponding slices much later in the evolution on the bottom. In each case, one frame depicts a slice at the top of the array, while the other is through the middle; shading with respect to an external light source has been added to enhance visualization. Alternatively, one can employ stereoscopic effects, 3D glasses and the like to begin to get a feeling for the largely uncharted realm of spatial cellular automata.

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