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CAPOW! Rudy Really Cooks!

This week we are pleased to announce the availability of a new CA simulator for Windows by Rudy Rucker. Entitled CAPOW!, Rudy's latest software handles a wide variety of one-dimensional cellular automata with both discrete and continuous state space. All the Rucker trademarks are there: a hyperactive interface that features lots of rule mutation tools, the ability to view many different dynamics simultaneously on the screen, well-written documentation and background materials, and much more. So stop by the Kitchen Sink and check it out!

In fact, it's not hard to decipher the various .ca file formats for CAPOW! experiments. As an illustration I have posted 4cyclic.ca in the CAM8 ftp directory accessible from the Sink. That file implements the 4-color 1d CCA rule that we discussed two weeks ago. By running Rudy's new program in a large single-experiment window (1024 by 768, say), then loading and seeding the 4cyclic rule, one can get a better sense of the sub-diffusive clustering.

This week's CAPOW! soup was created by Rudy using several of the interactive features of his program to manipulate continuous state rules; he likens the resulting image to an oil slick. And yes, as the screen snapshot would suggest, the program runs just fine under Windows 95...

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