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Recipe for the week of March 27 - April 2

Suitable for Framing: An Emergent CCA for Dad

Here's another one from the vaults. This week's soup is a range 2 Diamond, threshold 1 Cyclic Cellular Automaton rendered in a fiery palette of 25 colors. Started from a uniform mix, the threshold is sufficiently small compared to the size of the neighbor set that self-organization takes place around small pockets of residual debris. In phase space, this scenario takes place at slightly higher thresholds than those corresponding to the percolation transition soup from the week of March 6.

Over the years I have produced and framed many wall-sized photographs of graphics such as those on the Kitchen Shelf. I use a Matrix PCR Film Recorder and Cibachrome processing to get high-resolution prints with excellent color intensity. One of my favorite presentations combines a dull black mat with a colored metallic frame that picks up one of the soup's colors. This weeks image, thus rendered, was a Christmas present for my father a few years ago.

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