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Spaghetti or Fingerprints?

It was great to welcome all the new visitors to my Kitchen on Tuesday, January 31, when it was selected as Cool Site of the Day. Thanks to the many folks who sent me feedback using the handy link on my signature page. And thanks especially to Glenn Daniels for choosing PSK.

Predictably, I am experiencing letdown at no longer being cool, although traffic in the Kitchen continues to be lively. This week I want to focus on getting CAM8 back up and running after an invasion of the UW-Madison Mathematics Department by hackers from hell. Also, Bob Fisch and I are putting the finishing touches on the second beta release of our CA experimentation software WinCA. So I thought I'd offer a soup based on the same recipe as last week, but cooked a lot longer in a much larger pot.

As you can see, the self-organization of aligned wave fragments is even more pronounced. A couple of folks mentioned last week that they thought my macaroni looked more like fingerprints. The congnoscenti refer to this week's stage as spaghetti, but I think all will agree that the new soup is even more, shall we say, digital.

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