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The World According to Rudy Rucker

The Soup Kitchen has been closed for a few days due to a major security breach at math.wisc.edu. Now that we're open for business again, we're offering a soup by guest chef Rudy Rucker of San Jose State. This image was creating with Boppers, a Windows program that is bundled with his Articicial Life Lab, Waite Group Press, 1993. The soup depicts a complex web of interacting tracks and ecologicical textures left by competing species within a virtual habitat.

Rudy features this graphic and several other 'gnarly' images in a new article for the Intelligent Agent column of HotWired, a very cool Web e-zine. We enthusiasticly recommend Rucker's Seek Ye the Gnarl to all visitors here in our Kitchen. You must first subscribe (for free) to HotWired at:


Then, after providing your userid and password, you can access Rudy's article at:


As they say in his neck of the woods, Enjoy!

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