Life32 by Johan Bontes

Conway's Game of Life freeware for Windows9x/NT/2000/XP

Version 2.15, last updated August 10, 2002.
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Download Life32 version 2.15

... from an FTP site in California: zip file

... from an FTP site in Wisconsin: zip file

... from an FTP site in Atlanta: zip file

... from a web-site in Holland: zip file

The self-installing .exe uses InstallShield to make installation a breeze. The .zip file is provided because of the size difference, and because there really is nothing tricky in the installation.
If you just want to give Life32 a try, the installshield is recommended because it has an easy uninstall feature.

If you don't have a program to handle zip files, have a look at Winzip (shareware) or UltimateZip (freeware).

Downloaded the thing and still have questions?
Read the FAQ

What does Life32 do?

Life32 is a player for Conway's game of life and related cellular automa.
If that does not ring a bell, look here
Life32 is the fastest life player in the world, it is very powerfull and extremely easy to use.

Here is a screenshot:
Life32 screenshot

In short, Life32 is the best, fastest, and most user-friendly life player around. But if you need more convincing, here is a list of Features:

Get DirectX!

Life32 works best when used with Microsoft's DirectX. If you have Windows '98, Me, 2000 or XP, you already have it, guaranteed. But if you have Windows 95 or NT, then you might not have it. You can check by trying to set "Enabled DirectX" in Life32's "Settings" dialog, in the "Speed" tab.
"Works best"
is a vast understatement. Life32 is very efficient, which makes the Windows API a serious performance problem. DirectX is Microsoft's solution to such problems.

For Windows '95: You can download the lastest version of DirectX for users from

For Windows '98/Me: Silly you, DirectX is part of Windows '98/Me. You should have skipped to the next section already.

For Windows NT 4.0: DirectX 3.0 comes in Service Pack 3. Download it from

For Windows 2000/XP: DirectX is a standard component, just like in Windows '98.

To find out more about DirectX, visit

Get pattern files

I can't stress this enough. Life patterns are the essence of Life!

In order to make the most of Life, here are some pattern collections to get you started.

All of the above files can be unzipped with WinZip.

Other Life links

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Delphi Links

As you may (or may not know) Life32 is written in Delphi. I hope you agree Delphi is a great tool to easily write nice looking programs. Go and have a look at:

Borland, these guys know how to write great compilers;
Borland recently released the free (as in beer) Kylix (read: Delphi for Linux) compiler with which you can write Open Source ('Free' as in GPL) programs (of course you can also buy the regular package and make 'closed source' programs).
If you are looking for components, I recommend the Delphi Super Page;

DirectX & Delphi

If you are into graphics-programming, definitly have a look at the DGC homepage; DGC is the tool if you want to use DirectX, but don't want all the headache; Oops, the DGC project seems to be discontinued. Still it floats around on a few places on the web, try the following (but don't blame me if they don't work): has a DGC 7.6 Download
, This yahoo forum also offers a more elaborate DGC 7.6 Download.Hiroyuki Hiroyuki Hori has written a replacement for DGC, simply called DirectX. I have not reviewed this yet, but it may help you out.
Join in on the discussion @ the Yahoo Delphi Games Forum.
Otherwise, just use Google to search for +delphi +directx