A Two-dimensional Cellular Automaton Crystal
with Irrational Density

Dean Hickerson and David Griffeath


Download a .zip file of the complete pattern collection, or individual patterns below in .lif format:

Collision 1 Fig.1: Irrat5'
Collision 2 Fig. 2. The MWSS puffer
Collision 3 Fig. 3. The boat puffer
Collision 4 Fig. 4. The glider gun (period 60)
Collision 5 Fig. 5. MWSS gun 1
Collision 6 Fig. 6. The stifled breeder
Collision 7 Fig. 7. The LWSS gun
Collision 8 Fig. 8. MWSS gun 2
Collision 9 Fig.9: The entire Seed

Programs that can read GoL patterns in .lif format:

  • Life32 for Windows 95/98/NT by Johan Bontes. Alan Hensel calls this "by far, the best Life program for 32-bit Windows ... extremely fast, powerful, and easy to use." I've seen this demonstrated, and concur with Alan.

  • W-Life, ported by Glen Summers, for PC's running MS-Windows 3.1. A decent port of Xlife to Microsoft Windows. Note that this is a port of Xlife 2.0, released in 1989.

  • WinLife by John Harper, for PC's running MS-Windows 3.1.

  • LifeLab 3.1 by Andrew Trevorrow, for Macs -- Mac Plus to Power Mac. Very powerful. Autodetects gliders and oscillators, has sophisticated editing, does automated searches for new patterns.

  • Alan Hensel's lightning-fast MS/DOS implementation of Life.

  • Compressed source for Xlife 3.0, an X-windows implementation of Life. This accepts .lif patterns, but expects files to have a .life suffix.

  • A semi-official upgrade Xlife 3.5 at Achim Flammenkamp's web site. Enhancements are box cut-and-paste commands and sub-pixel zooming for viewing extremely large patterns.

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